Networking and transfer project

The networking and transfer project of both funding measures Water Technologies: Reuse and WavE is carried out by DECHEMA e.V. and is a central contact point for all actors of the funding measures. In its function, the project helps to provide technical support for the collaborative projects of the funding measures, to network across topics (internally and externally) and to support the transfer of results into practice (national - European - international).

The focus of the networking and transfer project is on supporting the successful development, demonstration and implementation of application-oriented solutions in the collaborative projects. This includes:

  1. technical challenges (e.g. process combinations, concentrates, monitoring, dynamization),
  2. economic requirements (e.g. investment/operating costs, operator concepts, cost and energy savings, substitution and recycling concepts) and
  3. societal and organizational boundary conditions (e.g. hygienic requirements, socio-cultural requirements for reuse, cooperations, symbiosis/cascade concepts)

The strategy and orientation of the networking and transfer project is aimed at supporting the implementation and utilization of results from the collaborative projects, starting from the coordination and networking of the content of the funding measure, as the funding measure progresses.

Main focus of work:
The networking and transfer project has the following focal points:

  • to support the development of innovative, sustainable solutions for increasing water availability through reuse and desalination by coordinating and networking the content of the collaborative projects
  • to identify synergy potentials and to generate synergy effects in the joint projects
  • to identify cross-cutting topics across the collaborative projects and to establish them in the funding measures
  • to ensure the efficient use of the existing knowledge potential in the funding measures, also with regard
  • to practice-relevant boundary conditions (e.g. laws, regulations, guidelines, standards)
  • to involve the target groups in industry, science, public authorities and decision-makers in the dialog with the funding measure and the utilization of its results
  • to bring together results, products, solutions and recommendations of the collaborative projects in their entirety and to communicate them to target groups (nationally and internationally) to support the utilization and implementation of results, and
  • to support the exploitation of the results from the projects, especially their implementation in practice, nationally and internationally
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