Water Reuse by Utilizing Treated Municipal Wastewater

The reuse of treated urban wastewater as an alternative resource for water is already a common practice in many arid countries to deal with water scarcity and reduce the demand for freshwater resources. Water reuse is embedded in both international and national strategies in Europe. However, a supportive and coherent framework is missing to date. Minimal awareness among stakeholders and the public about the potential benefits of water reuse is also often lacking. In 2018, the EU Commission launched a European-wide regulation that defines minimum requirements for water reuse for agricultural irrigation. It was adopted by the European Parliament and has been in force since June 26, 2020. In the next three years, these requirements are to be transposed into national law. The implementation of this new regulation is also anchored in the Circular Economy Action Plan adopted by the EU Commission in 2020. This plan stated that the Commission will also facilitate the reuse and efficient use of water in other sectors, including industrial processes.


Ongoing joint projects, Funding measure: Water Technologies: Reuse

Flexible and reliable concepts for sustainable water reuse in agriculture
Implementation of a hydroponic system as a sustainable innovation for resource-efficient agricultural water reuse
Non-potable water supply and planning options for urban and agricultural irrigation (non-potable water as an alternative water resource)
Point-of-Use Re-Use: Decentralised agricultural reuse of domestic wastewater to reduce competing uses



Completed joint projects, Funding measure WavE:

Upgrading wastewater ponds to generate irrigation water, using the Cuvelai-Etosha basin in Namibia as an example
Use of hydroponic systems for resource efficient water reuse in agriculture
Modular treatment and monitoring for water reuse
Development of a non-membrane based innovative treatment approach including comprehensive assessment criteria for indirect potable reuse in urban water cycles
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