Recycling of Industrial Water

In the industrial sector, there is currently an increasing integration of process water, cooling water and vessel feed water circuits with the goal of achieving integrated industrial water management. This also means that water cycles are becoming smaller. In addition to a reduced dependence on freshwater resources, this integration also results in potentials for the recovery of raw and valuable materials (circular economy). However, this development makes the avoidance or removal of impurities and the handling of concentrates even more complex. In many cases, concentrate treatment and disposal is the limiting factor in an increasingly smaller cycle. It is also becoming clear that the zero liquid discharge approach, which is often favoured in the international arena, is not always effective, but must be seen as an element in integrated industrial water management.

Increasing flexibility and networking of production in the process industry also requires more flexibility and networking in industrial water management. Novel and intelligent monitoring procedures as well as smart components for process monitoring and control must be developed to create an interface between production and water management.


Ongoing joint projects, Funding measure: Water Technologies: Reuse

Reuse of filter rinse water from groundwater treatment to secure drinking water supply
New approaches in medical technology water management - Establishment of innovative methods for wastewater-free production through energy-efficient treatment of highly contaminated process water from membrane production
Zero-emission raw water production in the automotive industry
Recycling of laundry wastewater for reuse by means of ceramic nanofiltration
Recycling of industrial saline waters by ion separation, concentration and intelligent monitoring
Integrative application of innovations and digital cooling capacity management to reduce the amount of water required in steel production



Completed joint projects, Funding measure WavE:

Development of resource-efficient water management and plant concepts for electrocoating lines: application of pulsed electric field technology for bacterial decontamination of industrial water and electrodeposition paints
Resource recovery from concentrates arising from industrial water reuse
Effective treatment of complex process and wastewater using ceramic nanofiltration membranes
Recycling of industrial process brines
Water reuse in industrial parks
Spatial-temporal adjusted recirculation and reutilization of mining impacted waters, exemplary for an urban affected mining area
Efficient operation of cooling water circuits by integrated desalination at the example of the steel industry
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