Effective treatment of complex process and wastewater using ceramic nanofiltration membranes

Background and aims:

The aim of the project is to develop processes for integrated water treatment for salt and organic process waters using the example of waste water from the petroleum/natural gas and ceramic industries. Tailor-made concepts are to be developed for the selected applications, which will also allow potential for transferring the technology to other applications. The central treatment process is nanofiltration (NF) with ceramic membranes. In addition to the separation of finest particles, these membranes enable partial desalination and the removal of essential organic matter from highly concentrated wastewater.

Focus of the work:

The newly developed NF is combined with other technologies such as flotation and microfiltration as pre-treatment or electrodialysis and electrochemical total oxidation to destroy organic components. This is in order to effectively process the concentrated retentates of the membrane processes and to provide water for industrial processes as required. In the sense of a "Zero Liquid Discharge (ZLD)", the evaporation of the specific concentrated material flows is investigated as a further, complementary strategy for concentrate treatment. The project approach is complemented by the development and application of innovative monitoring methods for process monitoring and control.


12/2019: Results and perspectives for practice

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