Spatial-temporal adjusted recirculation and reutilization of mining impacted waters, exemplary for an urban affected mining area


WaterMiners focuses on the recirculation of mining impacted waters with high concentrations of substances (coal dusts) in the coal mining industry, as well as the appropriate and efficient (re-)use of mining impacted waters for mining purposes as well as drinking water and service water in the project region Hon Gai in Vietnam.


The core of the project is the development of a spatial material flow management for mine water treatment and reuse in connection to the related energy consumption, use of additives and the generation of sludges in water treatment. In addition to technical concepts, the WaterMiner project looks at environmental impacts and benefits as well as economic efficiency from an operational and social point of view.

Focus of the work:

  • Development of a spatial-temporal adjusted mine water management according to the changes of the mining processes in the example region up to the final termination of the mining.
  • Development of a holistic regional material flow management for the recycling and reuse of mine waste.
  • Development of a GIS-based 'mobile technical register' for the initial acquisition of data on mine water and for continuous data management.
  • Use of innovative concepts for real-time monitoring to control the water flow and the water quali-ty.
  • Development of innovative concepts for the reuse of mine water in combination with the recovery of raw materials and valuable materials, in particular coal sludge.


12/2019: Results and perspectives for practice

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