Cross-cutting topics

There are both thematic and methodological overlaps between the various collaborative projects in the two funding measures WavE and Water Technologies: Reuse. In order to utilise synergies, exploit potentials and ensure an exchange of knowledge between the collaborative projects, the steering committee of each respective funding measure will define cross-cutting topics to be addressed in cross-project working groups. The outcomes from these working groups will offer significant added value for the collaborative projects.

As part of WavE, the chairs of the cross-cutting topic together with the TransWavE networking and transfer project held a large number of expert discussions, discussion forums, workshops and online seminars. Several cross-project publications were also produced.

Cross-cutting topics of the finding measure WavE:

Querschnittsthemen zur Fördermaßnahme Wassertechnologien: Wiederverwendung stehen derzeit noch nicht fest.

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